The Evil Empire and the Fish

Well, it’s over. It turns out that this is not going to be the coolest World Series in years. I was really hoping (as was everyone else in the galaxy) that it was going to be a Cubs/Sox series, but THAT ASSHOLE RUINED IT FOR EVERYBODY! Just kidding.

But, speaking of that fabled foul ball, leave the poor guy alone. If you’re going to say he ruined everything, first of all you’re being way way way simplistic and second of all, if you follow the same logic, you should go after the 6 or 7 people around him who were going for the same damn ball (and third of all, get a life, but that’s a different story)!

Well, FOX, be prepared for your television ratings to go way back down. And as a friend of mine sarcastically put it, “I can’t wait for the World Series between the evil empire and the fish.”

Sox vs. Cubs

A Red Sox fan makes his case:

“I have previously suggested that I feel toward the Yankees as I would toward someone who’d shot and killed my dog. Given this, what would it feel like if the Cubs beat us in the big one? It would feel as though some pleasant, absent-minded guy had accidentally run over my dog in the street and not really noticed, and then clumsily reversed back over the dog as it yelped in its death throes. Then he started whooping and guzzling beer with friends, while still standing over the dog corpse. And all the while he still seems like a really nice guy who was hard to blame or dislike.

Please don’t be that guy. Please.”

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