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New Look

Well, I’ve updated the look yet again at themuy. After upgrading to the latest WordPress version, I decided to check out Michael’s K2 theme. So far, daddy like. I’ll be tweaking this design a bit, so expect things to look funky from time to time.

Happy Birthday, Erin!

It’s the wife’s birthday today. Happy birthday, darling! Love, me

Watch out, Bill Graham

Oh yeah, Bill Graham is dead. Regardless, I’d like to announce that I am adding concert promoter to my list of talents. Yep, that’s right. I booked all of the musical acts for this year’s Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, an event to help the Grant Park Conservancy, which is dedicated to restoring Atlanta’s oldest […]

Praise Him

Those of you who know me in non binary form, are probably aware that this year has been a pretty hard one for ol’ Tim. The wife and I have had to endure some pretty crappy things, prompting us to half-jokingly believe that the earth entered some weird parallel universe after W was re-elected last […]

The State I’m In

This is one of those really annoying posts about why I haven’t been writing much lately. Sorry in advance. Mucho crappiness has been going on around me as of late and it has sapped my strength to the point that I rarely feel like writing anything on this site anymore. I want this to change […]

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